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Parent Training

Breena is proud to offer the Hanen program “Talkability” ( “Talkability” is an exciting program for parents with verbal children with Autism Spectrum Disorders aged 4-7 years.  It specifically targets Theory of Mind and provides support to parents to act as their child’s play coach with support of individual plans and video feedback. Please click here for more information. 


Breena has been offering and running the Hanen program “More Than Words”, for over 14 years in the San Diego community.  More Than Words is a 10 week parent training program funded through San Diego Regional Center for parents of children of all levels 0-5 years of age on the Autism Spectrum. Program meets weekly one time a week and offers valuable information that will support each parent’s efforts to assist their child’s current communication level, as well as provide strategies to increase communication intent, social play, and child’s abilities in everyday interactions as they engage in daily routines and the home environment. Please click here for more information. 

- Mayam

"Before coming to see Breena we felt overwhelmed most of the time.  Breena helped us to find solutions for a lot of obstacles we had encountered. Each time we had a session we got more information about resources available and saw progress in our son.  We took the More Than Words class, which gave us a chance to meet other families in similar situations, which was invaluable.  We feel so blessed to work with Breena."

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