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Breena has made the

difference between success and

​failure, understanding and

​confusion, hope and despair,

for our family.


- Patty Smith


& Resources
Pride and Joy

Monday, September 10, 2023


A guide to understanding your child’s emotions and solving family problems.

From the Heart

Saturday, July 28, 2023

​​Psychoanalytic Stories

​Mindful Parenting

Thursday, June 02, 2023


A guide to understanding your child’s emotions.


Complete diagnostic evaluations to determine the child's needs and provide the family with critical information and ideas for intervention.

Speech & Language Evaluations

Treatment plans are tailored to the child's area(s) of need and learning style/strengths. 

Speech & Language Therapies
Integrated Learning
& Training

Training and Education are the keys to success when it comes to undertanding speech and language. Breena offers effective tools for parents and professionals to master specific, effective techniques

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